Liebherr International AG

Liebherr Grupp

Liebherr Grupp on üks maailma suurimatest ehitusmasinate tootjatest, kellel on tehnoloogilise liidri roll ka paljudel teistel aladel.

Firma asutati aastal 1949 Hans Liebherri poolt ja nüüdseks on grupis üle 130 firma ja 41000 töötaja.

Liebherri nimi on üle maailma tuntud kui tehniliselt kõrgel tasemel ja kasulike toodete ning teenuste pakkujana.

Liebherr LR 13000

With the LR 13000, the most powerful crawler crane in the world of conventional design, Liebherr is clearly extending its range of crawler cranes, and steadily upwards. The most important area of operations for the new LR 13000 will be in the power station construction sector.a

Liebherr LR 1220

The LTR 1220 exceeds the telescopic crawler cranes offered by the competition with regard to the capacity as well as to the boom length. The crawler chassis offers an extraordinary off-road mobility as well as maneuverability and thus is well drivable.

Additionally the full load can be walked with the crane. The LTR 1220 offers the advantage that high loads can be telescoped with the boom, which generally is impossible with a lattice boom. As the crane contrary to a mobile crane must not be supported it can be fast relocated on the job site and immediately is again ready for operation.

Liebherr LR 1160

Best All-Rounder

Liebherr LR 1160 is a flexible crane with precise crane control and self-loading and self-assembly system. It can move with load on the hook - also on rough terrain.


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