E-Betoonelement offers reinforced concrete frame structures, stairs, facades, and roof elements. They have been working in Estonia for 25 years.

E-Betoonelement belongs to the concern Consolis SAS uniting the leading European manufacturers of prefabricated concrete products. The objective of Consolis is to turn concrete construction into a known manner of advanced industrial construction that would utilise the benefits of modern reinforced concrete and plant production to enable client-centred and flexible building solutions.

Our services

Project coordination
As we get a project we assign your work to in-house project manager. This means all the work for the client and service issues associated with the interaction of only one E-Betoonelement representative.

We have focused on designing precast reinforced concrete complete-solutions. Already in the early planning and design phase of the building to make optimal constructive solution. We use a 3D model - Tekla.

Precast concrete elements are manufactured mainly at our factories - Tamsalu and Harku. If we organize ourselves precast reinforced concrete part of the building design means that we can have all the necessary information in a timely manner to produce drawings and transfer elements are realistically achievable. Products are manufactured in the applicable standards and regulations. See the factory of the certificates issued.

Installation of elements in the queue entry from the site is organized solution for our installation team and the project coordinator. The Customer therefore has no obligation to provide ongoing kuupäevalisi valmistoodangulaole charts.

Your installation using know that the end result is realized in the best assembly techniques. In addition to providing the right elements are in place and properly secured by a safety at the construction site, the installation of skilful means that the assembly of aligned elements and installation tolerances tolerances: using the skill selected for their accumulation.

Why concrete element construction?

A wide choice of finishing options

BIM provides efficiency: solutions for the design, planning, production and delivery

Production takes place in ideal conditions

Cells do not need to transport mostly special transportation

Allows you to speed up work on the construction site

Lets make the assembly work well in cold weather

A building material better Orderliness and economical solution

Structural load-bearing capacity is secured immediately after installation

Prefabricated concrete to the architect and the constructor is combined with a wide variety of supporting structures

Video Footage

Intervjuu Vaido Leosk

During the interview, the following topics will be discussed:

The development of concrete technology
Should I build or renovate?
Concrete recovery
Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel

* The interview is in Estonian.

Intervjuu Kaspar Ots

During the interview, the following topics will be discussed:

Consolis Group - E-Betoonelement - CES AS
Future prospects

* The interview is in Estonian.

Intervjuu Aleksandra Lullu

During the interview, the following topics will be discussed:

What is BIM?
What is Tekla?
Advantages of BIM for older programs
Student and BIM
* Alexandra represents the Tekla program for engineers at Consolis Group.

** The interview is in Estonian.


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