E-Betoonelement offers reinforced concrete frame structures, stairs, facades, and roof elements. They have been working in Estonia for 25 years.

E-Betoonelement belongs to the concern Consolis SAS uniting the leading European manufacturers of prefabricated concrete products. The objective of Consolis is to turn concrete construction into a known manner of advanced industrial construction that would utilise the benefits of modern reinforced concrete and plant production to enable client-centred and flexible building solutions.

Why concrete element construction?

  • A wide choice of finishing options
  • BIM provides efficiency: solutions for the design, planning, production and delivery
  • Production takes place in ideal conditions
  • Cells do not need to transport mostly special transportation
  • Allows you to speed up work on the construction site
  • Lets make the assembly work well in cold weather
  • A building material better Orderliness and economical solution
  • Structural load-bearing capacity is secured immediately after installation
  • Prefabricated concrete to the architect and the constructor is combined with a wide variety of supporting structures

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