Golf Club Viesturi

The area of the golf course is 25 hectares, and there are 9 holes.

It is big enough for golf tournaments as well as for every-day golf games. Pro shop, café and changing rooms are available for players. There is a special space for trainings and exercises.

Visit the golf club Viesturi and enjoy an exciting game, check the coordination of your movements as well as your eyesight, endurance and resourcefulness. And remember that Viesturi is a place where you can always meet interesting people and have a great time with your business partners.


Kupons - 20%

Kupons- 20% atlaide telpu īres maksai. Parasti īres maksa ir 100Eiro stundā

Brauc uz Viesturiem pusdienās un saņem īres bumbiņu

Brauc uz Viesturiem pusdienās un saņem īres bumbiņu un nūju par brīvu. Ieripini bumbiņu bedrīte un izbaudi pusdienas pagatavotas uz geilla!


+371 29667513

Golfs Viesturi, Marupes nov. LV-2166