• Conference program

Conference program

The AICB Conference will explore AI from a variety of perspectives.

Please find below a high-level agenda of the event. A detailed program will be published soon

Time in Central European Time (CET)
Conference program is subject to change without notice

12 December
13 December

Tuesday, 12 Dec 2023 [CET]

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2023 [CET]

14:00 - 14:20
AI-Driven Initiatives at the Central Bank of Hungary (MNB)
Duration: 20 min

The presentation explores the opportunities and research areas in AI for enhancing central bank operations, from economic analysis to real-time data insight, with a focus on the innovative solutions implemented by the MNB. There will be 2 projects presented: the first part delves into NLP-driven sentiment analysis of the Hungarian economy, showcasing a method to extract timely signals from online news text and to use them for macroeconomic nowcasting. The second part discusses and analysis of the online cash register data using NLP and deep learning techniques.

Head of Department, Digitalisation Technology | Central Bank of Hungary
14:20 - 14:40
The AI Journey at the Central Bank of Nigeria - Progress, Prospects and Challenges
Duration: 20 min

This presentation showcases the Central Bank of Nigeria's venture into AI, spotlighting the progress made, promising prospects, potential gains, and obstacles faced. It uncovers the impact of AI applications, emphasizing achievements and outlining future opportunities. Also, it addresses challenges, including regulatory and ethical considerations, while underscoring the Bank's dedication to responsible AI integration. The presentation concludes with a forward-looking perspective on how AI can enhance the Bank's operations and contribute to economic development.

Director of Information Technology | Central Bank of Nigeria
14:40 - 15:00
The future of AI in central banking and financial services
Duration: 20 min

Over several decades, banks have continually adapted the latest technologyinnovations to redefine how customers interact with them. Banks introduced ATMs inthe 1960s and electronic, card-based payments in the ’70s. The 2000s saw broadadoption of 24/7 online banking, followed by the spread of mobile-based “banking onthe go” in the 2010s.Few would disagree that we’re now in the AI-powered digital age, facilitated by fallingcosts for data storage and processing, increasing access and connectivity for all, andrapid advances in AI technologies. These technologies can lead to higher automationand, when deployed after controlling for risks, can often improve upon human decisionmaking in terms of both speed and accuracy.In this speech, I will cover what the Future of AI in Central Banking and Financial Services is.

Board Director | Global Impact FinTech Forum
15:00 - 15:20
Duration: 20 min
15:20 - 15:40
Balancing Machine Learning's Promise and Peril: Critical Insights from Consumer Financial Services
Duration: 20 min

Drawing from nearly a quarter-century of collaboration with global lending, fintech, and insurance leaders, this presentation illuminates the art and science of building machine learning and AI models. It showcases successful applications and cautionary tales, revealing the keys to effective algorithmic implementations. By exploring the realms of promise and peril, the talk offers valuable insights into understanding algorithms while simultaneously ensuring they are fair, robust, and successfully implemented.

Founder and CTO | SolasAI & BLDS, LLC
15:40 - 16:00
Risks, Opportunities with ChatGPT & Large Language Models
Duration: 20 min

The last few months has increased awareness of the advances in Large Language Models with the release of ChatGPT. This talk will discuss the potential risks and opportunities of using large language models like ChatGPT in financial services. These models have the potential to revolutionize the industry by processing vast amounts of data and providing sophisticated insights. However, the risks associated with these models include bias, lack of transparency, and overreliance on the technology. The talk will explore ways to mitigate these risks and maximize the opportunities presented by ChatGPT and other large language models.

CEO | QuantUniversity
16:00 - 17:00
Duration: 60 min
17:00 - 18:00
Panel discussion: AI - What is next ? An outlook
Duration: 60 min

This panel will examine various scenarios for the future role of AI in central banking. The most important trends and possible paths to a future with AI will be highlighted. The opportunities and risks will also be discussed.

Ekho | Founder
Global Expert in AI and CBDCs | IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)
Infynit | Founder
Financial Markets Infrastructure Specialist | Bank of Zambia

Prepare for the challenges ahead

The AICB Conference is the learning forum for delegates from central banks, financial service providers, technology providers, academia and others to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI)..

The conference agenda will examine AI from different perspectives, for example:

  • How can AI be used to increase productivity and efficiency?
  • Should the use of AI be regulated by central banks? What measures, if any, are appropriate?
  • Can AI be used to attack central banks? How can central banks protect themselves against this?

Listen to the experts in this domain. Engage in lively discussions. Learn first-hand from other professionals. Connect with industry peers.

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