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The Creative Cub (Kultuurikatel), Kursi tn 3, Tallinn

Events  will be hosted in the Creative Hub.

The Creative Hub is an event and a creative space located in what was once the building of the central power plant of Tallinn. The power plant was completed in 1913 and operated for 66 years. In 1977, the facility of the power plant along with Rotermann City were one of the main shooting locations for Andrei Tarkosky’s film Stalker. Now, the facility has been reconstructed and serves as a space where it is possible to organise events and where many creative businesses have found a home. The Creative Hub is located near Tallinn Old Town and is easily accessible via public transport.

The information is based on materials introducing the Creative Hub and its history on the Creative Hub website.

Header photo by: Kaupo Kalda

How to get here

The Creative Hub is located in the heart of Tallinn within walking distance from the Old Town on the border of Kalamaja. Viru Gate and the Port of Tallinn are only a few hundred metres away. The distance to the airport is 6.5 kilometres.

You can easily reach the Creative Hub via public transport, and taxis have good access, too. You can park in the nearby car parks.

  • Buses no. 3 (Veerenni–Randla–Veerenni), 21 (Balti jaam–Landi), 21B (Balti jaam–Kakumäe), 41 (Balti jaam–Landi), 41B (Balti jaam–Kakumäe), 66 (Priisle–Pelguranna–Priisle) and 73 (Veerenni–Tööstuse–Veerenni) also stop here.
  • Visitors of the Tallinn Creative Hub can park their cars in the paid parking spaces near Tallinn City Hall.

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