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Our club is committed to promoting and motivating young people to take up sport and lead healthy and active lives. By starting your training early, you are more likely to live a longer and happier life.

Knowing young people's limited financial means, we offer a special student discount on membership fees
A 30-day Student 2h and unlimited monthly pass gives you unlimited use of our club's cardio and strength equipment, and access to all group exercise classes at the club, whatever the time or day of the week. The package also includes use of all saunas. The club has infrared, traditional, steam and Finnish saunas.

In order to qualify for our Student+ rate, you must have a valid plastic card proving your student/student or learner status and present it to the receptionist when purchasing your package.

Mehed trenni

The gym has more than 100 exercise stations. The cardio area is located on the second floor of the gym, with over 50 different cardio machines: treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, bikes, rowing ergometers and wavers. There is also a stretching area. In the gym, initial circuit training is free of charge with a valid package. Gym ABC takes place on Mondays at 15.00 and Tuesdays at 19.30
We also recommend that you take a fitness test before starting your workout. This will tell you exactly what level of exercise to start with, so that you can achieve the results you want as quickly as possible. You can sign up for a fitness test via the client support system
In order to achieve even better results in the gym, we offer everyone the possibility to have personal training and nutrition plans drawn up by specialists in their field. Check out the different training and nutrition plans offered HERE and choose the one that suits you best.

Tule veekeskusesse!

There is something for everyone at the Reval-Sport water centre.

In the sports area you will find 4 pools where you can practice different exercises for children from 3 months - .....

A 25-metre pool with a lap pool for swimming, aqua aerobics and adult swimming classes

In the Libero pool there is baby swimming, where parents can spend quality time with their little ones. In the children's pool, children can enjoy the water and have fun.
The sports pool offers swimming lessons for children aged 4-11. Your child will learn the basics of swimming under the guidance of experienced coaches.

For relaxation we have

- upstream waterfall,
- underwater jet massages,
- massage chairs,
- hot and cold water pool

Sauna facilities

- in the hammam,
- steam and steam-salt sauna,
- wood-fired sauna
- japanese sauna

Beebide ja väikelaste ujumine

At the Sports Club Aquatic Centre, there will be BEEBID and LITTLE SWIMMING for different age groups. Parents will also participate.

There is a separate Libero pool for babies, with a water temperature of 32 degrees and a water depth of 1-1.20 m. Children from 3 months to 4 years are welcome. Lessons are conducted by cheerful and experienced coaches Mari Vaarik and Krista Peebo. All lessons are 30 minutes long.

Check out the schedule HERE!

Laste ujumistrenn

We are looking forward to welcoming your children to the Reval Sport VEEKESKUS for swimming training
Swimming lessons for children are held in the sports pool (depth 0.7-0.8m) and the 25m pool (depth 1.2-1.4m). Under the guidance of experienced coaches, your child will learn the basics of swimming.
Swimming training for beginners: face under water, head under water, diving to the bottom, floating under water, floating on the surface, keeping balance, diving
Swimming training objective for advanced swimmers: sliding under water, sliding on the surface, moving forward using arms and legs, sliding on the back, pulling up from the wall, crawl swimming technique, backstroke swimming technique.
OKE-saal training includes swimming technique exercises, various sports games, gymnastics and stretches. If you would like to include your child in the indoor training, please include this request on the application form.


The Reval Sport sports club has been providing training opportunities for seniors for 20 years
Since childhood, we have been told that gymnastics and exercise are the key to a woman's health and beauty. For some of us, starting the day with gymnastics or going to the gym is a natural and natural part of life. For others, the very word 'exercise' makes them feel uncomfortable. In fact, movement is one of the ways of being alive, and for this to happen, we also need to keep our means of movement - our muscles - consistently trained and active so that they serve us long and effectively.
Every autumn, the vibrant and healthy ladies get together and exercise until the end of May. Only on a few occasions do they miss a workout. In the mornings, they are always bright and ready to move.
Be sure to come and join our groups. You'll find activities and lots of great friends.

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