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Embark on an Adventure Where Reality Turns into a Playground

GPS games - that's quizzes on the terrain. These adventure games allow participants to interact and have fun with the environment using geo-location and GPS technology.  These captivating interactive gaming events are tailored for diverse occasions and gatherings.

Players move around the terrain and have fun tasks, questions related to the game's theme or terrain appear on their phones.

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Target Audience and Benefits

Individuals | Friends and Family Holidays

​Transform your everyday life into a playful adventure using GPS games.

  • Family Bonding: Embrace GPS games for unforgettable family bonding experiences. Place GPS points across your city or neighborhood, each offering unique challenges. With mobile devices as guides, families navigate to these points, completing tasks and creating cherished memories. Nurture teamwork, active engagement, and lasting bonds.
  • Themed Gatherings: Elevate your themed parties with GPS games. Construct a game that revolves around your chosen theme, deploying GPS points for activities and questions. As guests navigate these points, they'll unlock challenges, earn points, or receive rewards, adding a touch of excitement and interaction to your event.
  • Outdoor Quests: Immerse in the outdoors with GPS games. Craft a route for participants to follow, seeking GPS points that present puzzles, riddles, or challenges. By solving these enigmas, players advance along the route, fostering exploration and problem-solving skills in the fresh air.
  • Team Sporting Events: Infuse team spirit with GPS-powered sports events. Divide participants into teams, tasking them with locating GPS points around sports facilities or parks. Teams race to complete challenges, fostering camaraderie and competitiveness while encouraging an active lifestyle.

GPS games provide a unique blend of interactive engagement, physical activity, and exploration, delivering a memorable experience.



Marketers | Promotion, Raffles, Interactive Advertising Campaigns

Harness the potential of GPS games to create captivating marketing initiatives.

  • Local Brand Amplification: Craft GPS games to introduce and amplify your brand. Set GPS points around stores or key city locations, offering participants exclusive product information, special offers, or discounts. This strategic placement enhances brand visibility and drives conversions.
  • Attracting New Audiences: Expand your customer base with GPS games. Design games that require participants to visit brand-associated sites, granting them unique rewards or discounts. This novel approach to engagement attracts new customers and extends brand reach.
  • Market Insights and Data Collection: Utilize GPS games to gather consumer insights. Incorporate polls, quizzes, or tasks into the game to gain valuable understanding of participant preferences. This data informs marketing strategies, enabling personalized customer experiences.
  • Social Interaction and Viral Reach: Foster social interaction through GPS games. Participants share their game achievements, organically spreading brand awareness on social media. This viral nature amplifies your campaign's impact and increases audience engagement.

GPS games equip marketers with a versatile tool for crafting immersive and engaging promotional campaigns. Seamlessly integrating branding, advertising, and consumer engagement, these games captivate new customers and fortify relationships with existing ones.



Event Agencies | Corporations, Celebrations, Promotions, Festivals

Elevate event experiences with GPS games, a cornerstone for creating extraordinary memories.

  • City Quests: Embark on urban quests powered by GPS games. Participants receive tasks guiding them to different city points, where they solve puzzles or complete challenges. This transforms events into interactive, adventurous journeys, fostering teamwork and igniting problem-solving skills.
  • Training and Corporate Events: Embrace GPS games for impactful training and team-building events. Games require collaboration, encouraging employees to find and collect items, fostering effective communication, and boosting morale.
  • Brand Promotion and Sponsorship: Utilize GPS games to spotlight brands and attract sponsors. Craft games that drive participants to brand-related locations, offering exclusive rewards or deals. This not only garners sponsor attention but also creates a positive attendee experience.
  • Festival and Concert Augmentation: Enhance festivals and concerts with GPS games. Participants journey to different stages or venues to access quizzes, exclusive content, discounts, and chances to win prizes. This enriches the event atmosphere, fosters engagement, and aids in data collection.

GPS games revolutionize event dynamics, infusing them with interactivity and entertainment. Easily customizable to match themes and objectives, these games empower event agencies to achieve goals while delivering tailored experiences.



Companies | Corporate Events, Promotions, Advertising

Energize interactions with customers, employees, and the public using GPS games.

  • Mid-Event Excursions: Inject excitement during conferences or events with GPS games. Participants navigate the area with mobile devices, solving puzzles or locating hidden objects. This injects fun, interaction, and interest into the event, enhancing engagement.
  • Team Building and Corporate Events: Elevate team-building events with GPS games. Teams collaboratively complete tasks, solve puzzles, and find destinations through GPS navigation. This strengthens teamwork, boosts motivation, and forges lasting connections.
  • New Employee Onboarding: Transform employee onboarding with GPS games. New hires explore offices, learn about departments, and absorb company culture via mobile apps and GPS navigation. This streamlines the integration process and fosters camaraderie.
  • Competitions and Event Giveaways: Organize contests and giveaways with GPS games. Participants engage in tasks and find hidden items through GPS navigation, adding a thrilling dimension to the event and encouraging active participation.
  • Product and Service Promotion: Utilize GPS games to spotlight offerings. As participants explore through GPS navigation, they gain insights into products and services. This interactive approach captures attention, enhances understanding, and fosters evaluation.

GPS games equip businesses with a potent tool for interactive and impactful interactions. Facilitating profound audience connections and aiding in brand promotion, these games ensure a unique and engaging experience.


Creating a GPS Game in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose Map Locations

Pinpoint where you want questions and tasks to appear on your device's screen. Ensuring easy access to these points is vital.

Step 2: Create Question-Tasks

Devise captivating queries for participants to answer as they approach the designated points on the virtual map. Questions can take the form of text, images, GIFs, videos, or include multiple-choice options.

Step 3: Launch Share and Play!

Get started! Link questions and tasks to map coordinates, then share the excitement by sending participants a game link.

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